In Love With A Fixer-Upper?

Some of the best homes just need a little love and attention from the right homebuyer. Renovation loans could be what your home needs. Renovating a home can be made easier with the right kind of loan. If you’ve got your eye on a home that’s got great bones but could use a little work, renovating could be the answer.


Are you in love with a fixer-upper?

Spending hours house hunting for the perfect home and you just can’t find it.

Maybe you’ve fallen for a home that needs some work but you’re not sure if you can afford to purchase the home and then pay for the rehab. You dream doesn’t have to stop here. A renovation loan from Keystone Alliance Mortgage may be able to solve that problem by offering a single loan that allows a qualified borrower to purchase or refinance a home in less than ideal condition and make improvements immediately after closing.

If you are a U.S. military veteran you may qualify for a VA home renovation loan.

Learn more about renovation loans, our process, and your options on our Renovation Rundown page.


Renovating a home doesn't have to be difficult or even scary.

One of our experienced licensed loan officers will guide you through the entire process.

How Can You Benefit From A Renovation Loan?

If You Are A Qualified Homebuyer

Homebuyers can purchase homes in less than ideal condition and address problems immediately after closing.

If You Are A Qualified Homeowner

Homeowners may upgrade, modernize or expand the home to better serve their needs or to increase the home’s value.

If You Are An Qualified Investor

Investors can purchase homes in need of repairs or upgrades with low rate financing, freeing up capital for additional investment opportunities. Additionally, updated properties can typically fetch higher rents or improve the value in the event of resale.

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