Accomplish Your Mortgage Goals

Mortgages aren’t set in stone. If you love your home but not your home loan, refinancing an old mortgage into a new one could be what you need.


Trade Your Old Mortgage For A New One

Deciding to refinance starts with weighing the benefits and the cost, then deciding if it makes financial sense.

There are several reasons why a homeowner would consider a mortgage refinance. The most common is to lower their interest rate, but it is important to understand that refinancing goes beyond “rate shopping.”

Your mortgage should work for you. Refinancing your mortgage can help you lower your current monthly payment, renovate your home, or save for your family’s future.

Talk to a loan officer who can help you evaluate your current mortgage.  We can help you understand the cost benefits of a refinance and whether or not it makes sense. Allow us to offer you a mortgage strategy you might not have thought of but would be open to learning more.

Our team of loan officers is here to help guide you into making the best financial decision for you. Find out how a mortgage refinance can benefit you.


Paying to much for your mortgage?

Take cash-out to renovate your home or vacation. Save thousands by eliminating PMI or getting a lower rate!

Why Should You Refinance?

Lower Your Interest Rate

Mortgage rates are in constant flux. They change yearly, monthly and even daily. Today’s current rate may be lower than when you initially bought your home.

Take advantage of a new low rate to save big each month.Use the extra money to save for your child’s education, take a vacation, or purchase a vehicle.

Change The Term Length

You can either change a 30-year fixed into a 15-year mortgage lowering your interest rate save money by paying less fewer interest payments.

Refinance into a longer-term loan. Thus, lowering your monthly payments for those times you need flexibility.

Take Cash Out

Need cash? A Cash-Out Refinance can help you pay off old debts, renovate your home, buy another property and much more.

Switch From An ARM to A Fixed Mortgage

If your financial situation has changed since you first bought your home you may need a different solution to fit your needs. Compared to an ARM, a fixed-rate mortgage would offer you more predictable monthly payments for easier budgeting.

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Save yourself thousands over the life of a loan by refinancing. Say goodbye to costly private mortgage insurance payments forever!

Talk To One Of Our Loan Officers

Schedule a time to discuss your mortgage options.

The Keystone Team is such a great group of people, I was already referring my friends to them before I even closed. They really make everything simple and smooth. I couldn’t have asked for the closing of my house to go any smoother than it did.

Amber L., Lock Haven, PA