Perhaps this is your first home, maybe it’s an upgrade, or it’s possible you are just sick and tired of renting. No matter what your reason is, choosing the perfect home is a tall task. But house hunting can be a tedious task. It’s no wonder home buyers like yourself end up feeling like a nervous mouse in a cat house. But choosing the right home when house hunting is no longer an issue with Co/LAB Lending.

Make the wrong decision and you risk wasting all your budget on a home that’s just not right for you. But if you don’t take the leap and make any decision you could miss out on the home that is right for you.

One of the biggest fears of buying a new home, especially for first-time buyers, is choosing the right home. Obviously, there is a huge financial stake at-hand and you want to be sure you’re getting what you pay for. Some of the most common worries are:

  • Will the house actually fit my needs?
  • Is the condition of the house satisfactory?
  • Am I overpaying?
  • Will I be able to resell the home easily?

One of these, maybe all of these, questions have probably been considered if you have ever thought about buying a home. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to have anxiety about what will most likely be the largest financial commitment you will ever make. Choosing the right home is tough. So how will you know?

Before you begin looking for a new home there are three things you need to consider. It’s these 3 things that will put you on the best path and help eliminate some of your concerns right out of the gate.

Find a Real Estate agent you trust and lean on their expertise.

Having an expert to help you while house hunting is invaluable. An experienced real estate agent will help you understand the local housing market. They can guide you when it comes to identifying properties that may be over-priced, in poor re-sale areas, or even give their opinions on the condition of the home.

A real estate agent is your number one resource for making an informed decision about the homes you are interested in buying. If you have specific needs, share those with your agent. They can show you properties that address the previously mentioned concerns but also meet your family’s personal needs. Reach out to several brokerages in your area and interview multiple agents. Choose the one that your gut tells you will be the most helpful in reaching your goals.

Get A Mortgage Prequalification

Part of finding the right home is finding a home that fits your budget. We know, this isn’t anyone’s favorite part of house hunting. But, it’s important you understand exactly how much home you can afford. When you get a mortgage prequalification your mortgage broker will be able to give you either a total maximum loan amount your qualify for or what the maximum monthly payment is. Having this information in hand will help you and your agent locate homes in your preferred areas that meet your prerequisites.

Pro Tip: Your local mortgage lender or loan officer can be a great resource for assisting you to find a real estate agent to work with.

Be Willing To Trust Your Gut

There’s an old saying you’ve probably heard when it comes to making big decisions – “sleep on it.” In this case, we suggest not to. You have instincts, use them. Sometimes your feelings can help guide you towards the right decision. When you think you’ve found the right house you probably have. Don’t second guess your natural instincts because they usually point you in the right direction.

Ok, you’re set to begin a successful house hunt!

What are the tell-tale signs you have found the right house?

You have an urge to go inside and see more

First impressions are everything. If you pull up to potential new home and you are immediately drawn to it then you found a contender. There is clearly something about this house that appeals to you. Answer the call. Go inside, see more.

You Get A Warm Feeling When You Step Inside

It should only take a moment or two once you begin looking around the house before you can tell if it feels like this could be your home. You may even begin to picture what it might feel like when you arrive home after work each day, getting the kids off to school, or celebrating a holiday. If you can picture yourself there it might be the house for you.

You Start Picturing How Your Furniture Will Fit Into Each Room

It’s getting serious now. You are picturing your sofa, recliner, beds, dining tables, and more in each room. You are wondering If they will fit or if you need to buy more furniture to fill the space. There’s a perfect spot by the window over there for your Christmas tree or your 70” television!

The House Fits All Your Needs and More

One of the secrets to finding the right house is to make a list of needs your new home must-have. The trick is to think long-term. You want to find a home that meets your current needs and then meets your needs 5 -10 years from now. Maybe you plan on more kids so you need a home with an extra bedroom. Or maybe you have a teenager who will be driving in a couple of years. You might need a home with a third garage. Use our dream home priority list to help you get started.

You Don’t Want To See Any Other Homes

This might be the single most obvious sign you found a forever home. This house may have leaped right over your #1 contender placing it way back in your rearview mirror. If the past homes you’ve seen have suddenly become a distant memory it could be the sign you are looking for.

Every Thought in Your Mind Tells You to Buy That House

It’s on your mind- constantly. If you can’t stop thinking about the home so much so you think you may need professional help just to get it out of your head, then you probably found your dream home. Don’t think about it any longer if you feel like this. Ask your agent to write an offer.

It’s time to just do it.

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